“Good enough for now” is a better strategy for this VUCA world…

In our Indian culture, we used to ask,” abhi ke liye sahi he?”, “thode din ke liye chal jayega?”…. we must have experienced that how things move fast while we talk in this terms. And essentially it’s about “is it good enough for NOW?” That is really necessary in this time.

Market is becoming VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). As we are done with preparing solutions for problem “A”, nature of the problem itself may have already changed. Then what are we addressing with our solutions? Is it random/unconscious experimentation? Or designed/conscious experimentation?

In this all dynamics, what we can plan for is “NEXT STEP”not tomorrow, not month, and not year… Strategy designed today, may not work tomorrow. We continuously need to get feedback/information on “what’s the market need”. We need to create a system where we cannot ignore the feedback.

“Okay for now” help us to orient ourselves and others in a teams to think in terms of “next step” while making decisions.

This allows us to do continuous experimentation… to sync with what is the need and demand of the market.

plan for the next step! > act on it > get feedback/ more information > plan again for the next step…

Author: Umesh Mangroliya

I am founder and the principal consultant, trainer, and facilitator at Co-Creative Solutions. I work with organizations and individuals to create my vision of ‘seeing the world where everybody is excited to go to the workplace in the morning and feel fulfilled when they return home’. My main area of expertise is ‘to make anything effective and efficient by working collaboratively’. I have also started sharing my learning by holding and facilitating open-sessions on, ‘Sociocracy’ in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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