“Good enough for now” is a better strategy for this VUCA world…

In our Indian culture, we used to ask,” abhi ke liye sahi he?”, “thode din ke liye chal jayega?”…. we must have experienced that how things move fast while we talk in this terms. And essentially it’s about “is it good enough for NOW?” That is really necessary in this time.

Market is becoming VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). As we are done with preparing solutions for problem “A”, nature of the problem itself may have already changed. Then what are we addressing with our solutions? Is it random/unconscious experimentation? Or designed/conscious experimentation?

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Year 2018 in a glimpse

  • Consent Circle started in Ahmedabad, Gujarat every month. Consent Circle is the space where participants gather and then learn & experience consent based decision making in context of their life/work/business.
  • Sessions with entrepreneurs on “Sociocracy- a modern management approach” at Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Average 1 session per month…
  • Workshop with childrens on “Art of collective thinking” for Dream India Camp, Oasis Movement, Karnali, Chanod, Gujarat
  • Talk on ” Dynamic Governance” at Baroda Management Association, Baroda, Gujarat
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