The Holi Story

One thing Sociocracy seems to do is make you realize your own fallibility. Circle meetings and the Consent Decision Making Process very quickly surface your blindspots and the limitations of your perspective, usually bringing about interesting changes in the people involved (like an appreciation for multiple and diverse perspectives).

At one of the introductory Sociocracy workshops we conducted for traditional school administrators, principals, department heads and teachers, there was a Circle Meeting where such an interesting change took place by surfacing things that weren’t accounted for by simply giving everyone a voice.

Before we start the story, I need to give you a little context about the playful Holi festival that is celebrated in India.

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Sociocracy: Governance Structure, Decision Making & Feedback Loops – AgilityToday 2019 [Slides]

I was invited to give an intro to Sociocracy talk at AgilityToday 2019.

Here are the slides from my talk titled: Sociocracy: Governance Structure, Decision Making & Feedback Loops:

There were two Lead-Do-Measure loops during the talk. At the beginning of the talk I asked everyone what they expected from the talk. This was the measure part of the loop for which the submitted proposal was the lead part and people coming to the talk was the do part. Secondly, the talk content (the do part) was sandwiched between an agenda slide (the lead part) and a slide asking for feedback (the measure part).

The slides are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.